Summer Ultra Marathon
Suck it up, Butter Cup.

Once summer rolls its lazy self into Western New York, the landscape takes on a whole new look and feel. You can rest assured that the Erie Canal Towpath is as flat and fast as ever, with its groomed, crushed cinder surface. You simply will not find a more runner-friendly course anywhere on the planet. In place of snow, and ice, and gusting winter winds, you'll find a lush green, tree-lined path along the waters of the historic Erie Canal. But don't throw away your old belt buckle just yet. There's still 100 miles of path, hours and hours of sweat, and over 176,000 footsteps under the brutal summer sun between you and your 100-Mile Finisher buckle. Or, if you're just looking for a party and a place to stretch your legs, feel free to register for a more modest goal with our 50-mile and 25-mile Mini Beast options and generous 24-hour cut-off.

Please see important Summer Ultra Marathon Rules
Oh, and there's one more little twist as gotta' beat the bridge! The Erie Canal attracts thousands of tourists to Lockport, New York every summer for its historic canal boat cruises, which pass under operational lift bridges along the way. You'll be crossing two of these historic bridges on each out-and-back loop. When a boat approaches an upcoming lift bridge, you have two choices: sprint ahead to beat the boat before the bridge is raised, or just relax and soak in the view while the boat passes on its merry way. Your call.
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