Summer Ultra Marathon Rules
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Please remember these rules exist for your safety and help guarantee future Beast Ultra events.
  • All runners must be over 18 years of age, or must run with a legal parent or guardian at all times during the event.  The legal parent or guardian accompanying any minor runner must also be an officially registered runner for this event.  In the event that the legal parent or guardian to any runner under the age of 18 cannot complete this running event, the minor runner must withdraw from the race at the same time as well.  Under no circumstances will minors be allowed on the running course unaccompanied by their officially registered legal parent or guardian as part of this race.
  • No racer shall have crew, support, family or friends at the middle aid station (Gasport). We do not take "drop bags" to the mid (Gasport) aid station. Drop bags will be brought to the turn-around only. Having crew, support, family or friends at the mid aid station is ground for disqualification, this includes "Aid Station Stalkers." Aid Station Stalkers are those who will drive back and forth over the bridge and stop as they cross the towpath to see if they can spot you heading their way. Again, this causes congestion and creates a hazardous environment and will not be tolerated. We have these rules for a reason, please follow them. (*See "The Golden Rule" below)
  • Lights are not optional. All racers must carry either a hand held flashlight or headlamp at night (pacers too!). Racers should pack their lights in their drop-bags for the turn around and plan on grabbing them as they pass through for their second loop. Should your pacer not have a headlamp or flashlight (and blinking L.E.D. on their back) they will not be permitted to run or may get you DQ'd.
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front of the body, unmodified, unfolded and visible at all times. It may not be worn on hat or head.
  • The clock does not stop for any reason until the race course officially closes 30 hours after the designated official start time.
  • Racers, crew, and staff must not litter, mar or pollute the landscape or environment.
  • Racers and crew members/pacers are encouraged to wear reflective material facing in all four directions, as well as blinking L.E.D. lights facing front and rear, at night but, racers are required to wear one (preferably red) blinking L.E.D. light on their backs. (This rule helped us find one racer lost & delirious walking on the wrong side of the canal)
  • Racers are responsible for both their own and their crew's actions; crews are responsible for both their own and their racer's actions.
  • Racers must make their presence known at all Time Stations located in fixed locations along the route. It is your responsibility to notify race personnel of your arrival at each station and state your race number when you check in.
  • If any racer withdraws, he/she or his/her crew must contact Race Headquarters or a Time Station immediately. Name, reason for withdrawal, and time of withdrawal must be stated. The athletes bib must also be turned into the Race Headquarters timing station.
  • All emergency evacuation costs for participants or crews will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.
  • The Race Director has the authority to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating circumstances. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is no "appeals committee" or "appeals process."
  • All racers must follow and complete the entire application and entry process, filling out all forms and paying all necessary fees.
  • All racers and crew must sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability.
  • All racers must be willing to submit to a drug urine test before, during, or after the race. If any USOC banned substances are detected, the racer will be disqualified from competition and listed as DISQUALIFIED in the final standings of the race.
  • I.V.s (intravenous fluids) are not permitted during the race. If a racer receives an I.V. during the race, for any reason, then that racer is disqualified and may not complete the course officially.
  • We are highly recommending racers to leave each aid station with at least 16 oz. of drink.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my pacer meet me at the middle (Gasport) aid station?
A: Did you read the rules? No.

Q: Will you provide a "Drop Bag Service?"
A: Yes, we will gladly take your bags to the Turn-Around for you.  Bags will be returned to the start/finish line on Sunday by noon for pick up, or you are welcome to take the short drive to the Middleport aid station to pick yours up sooner if you wish.  No, we don't take anything to the middle (Gasport) aid station for you.  All unclaimed drop bag items will be discarded on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. race cut off.

Q: My pacer wants to ride their bike next to me. Is this OK?
A: This is really frowned upon. Our race is constantly growing and while there are bikes out there, we're trying not to add any more.

Q: Why the 10 am start?
A: Because the race director likes to sleep in.

Q: What are the trail conditions like?
A: The first mile is paved. After you cross the bridge you'll be on a very runner-friendly crushed cinder surface. Very few people ever choose to use gaiters. It's a matter of preference.
The Golden Rule

*Note: Our goal is to provide a safe and fun race environment. To do this we have a couple of rules but, it basically all boils down to a couple of rules, lights and the middle aid station. Our most important rules refers to the middle aid station (Gasport) and it's one we're most often questioned about. Plain & simple…We don't allow any crew, support, family or friends at the Gasport aid station (there's a perfect place to meet one mile before/after this aid station – Orangeport Bridge). We have a zero tolerance for disregarding this rule and doing so may result in a DQ. We don't have this rule to make the race more challenging, we have this rule to ensure future B-o-B's and your safety.

Twice a year we need to apply for a "Right of Use" Permit from The New York State Canal Corp. The Canal Corp permit department has laid out a set of rules for us, a set of rules that they do not bend or ignore. For us to get our permit each year we have to make sure that our race doesn't interfere with the day-to-day use of the towpath for other people. The Gasport aid station is located at a small parking lot on the towpath. In fact, it's one of the smallest parking lots on the canal. We setup our motorhome there so our volunteers may have access to a stove, refrigerator, power outlets, etc…etc. All of these things allow us to provide our racers with another over-the-top aid station. Our motorhome and timing mats take up over half of the parking lot. Even though we have a "Right of Use" Permit, we reserve the rest of the parking lot (OK…the other two parking spaces) for the people who choose to use the towpath as they wish. Most of them are locals who come down there to go for a walk or unload their bike. From time to time we have other volunteers showing up for a shift change or to bring needed supplies.

In the past, some crew/support/family have tried to park along the roadside near the aid station. This causes more congestion and problems since it forces traffic to go around them and puts runners in a blind spot. This is why we have a zero tolerance to those who break this rule. We also suggest that you warn all family and friends that they will put your race in jeopardy should they show up here. Orangeport Road is approximately one mile before the Gasport aid station and has a much bigger parking lot. We welcome crew, support, family and friends to park here to cheer you on.

So, to keep it very simple – tell everybody you know to avoid the Gasport aid station like the plague and make sure you and your pacer have your lights. Oh yeah, be sure to have a good time out there!
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